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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby Crew...26 weeks along!

I absolutely Fetal Foto! Their technology is so amazing, we got to see Crew yesterday in 4D. We are so excited to meet this little man in three months. Look how cute he is!!

I love these adorable profile pictures!

YES...I'm a BOY!!

4D pictures! Side view of Crew's face!

He loves his arms and hands!

Hiding from the camera...just like his Daddy would!

He is such a chatter box. In our video is was moving his mouth and talking up a storm. He has done that will all of his ultra sounds.

Giving us the Rock On sign! I also like to think he is giving us the I Love You sign, but we can't see his thumb. :)

Two little feet and a little hand!

Now he is giving us the peace out sign!

He has his Daddy's lips and his Mommies nose.

Cute little man! We can't wait to meet you and hold you in our arms! We love you Crew! :)

Our wonderful nieces and nephew

Sydnie (4) Megan (5...almost 6)

Grace (9) Will (2)

Happy 8th Anniversary to us!

As of May 9th, Ryan and I have been married eight years and the weather this year was very similar to the weather we had on our wedding day eight years ago...cold and rainy. But you know what they say about rain on your wedding day, it's supposedly good luck. I would have to agree because I have an amazing husband, an amazing marriage and life is about to really begin for Ryan and I with Ryan done with school and Crew joining our family in three short months. is good! :)

We didn't do much for our anniversary this year due to Ryan graduating, we had family in town for the graduation and me being six months pregnant. We are thinking we will go somewhere tropical in January when it's two degrees in Utah. Yep, that's sounds like the perfect time to get away!

So here's to us honey for eight fabulous years...and many more anniversaries and celebrations to come our way! I love you with all my heart, and I couldn't have asked for a better man! XOXO

Ryan graduates with his Doctor of Pharmacy degree!!!

The past few weeks have been eventful and amazing! First on the list is...Ryan graduating from the University of Utah with his Doctor of Pharmacy degree Friday, May 6 2011!! After 9 years of school, hard work and dedication...he did it! He is now Dr. Ryan Lindquist! I could not be more proud of my amazing husband.

It was a bitter sweet day for all of us realizing school has come to an end, and that our lives are about to begin. I am so excited to see what the future holds for Ryan and myself and baby Crew.

I also want to give a shout out to my amazing brother who also graduated from the University of Utah Friday, May 6th with his B.S. in Philosophy. I am so proud of my brother and I am bummed I couldn't be there to watch him walk because Ryan and Jared's graduation were at the same time. I was happy to get pictures of all of us after the graduations. I am one proud wife and sister! Congrats Ryan and Jared!! I love you both so much!

Holding the baby-bump for a picture! Crew...your Daddy is a Doctor! :)

It was so great having Brandon, Amie and our little Bug Sydnie in town for Ryan's graduation! They flew in from North Carolina where Brandon is currently attending Physical Therapy School for the next two years. We didn't think Brandon was going to make it, but they were sneaky and had Brandon come on a separate flight and surprised Ryan. It was so cute because we went to get Amie and Sydnie from my other sister-in-law's house for a Sunday morning breakfast the day after Amie and Sydnie flew in town. We were getting ready to head out when Amie asked Sydnie if they should give Ryan his graduation present early. Ryan and I looked at each other like WHAT? Then Sydnie said, "DADDY!" Ryan and I were still confused, then his twin brother Brandon walked out of the bathroom. I look at Amie with tears in my eyes, then I look at Ryan who had tears in his eyes. It was amazing to have Brandon there for Ryan's big day. That was the best graduation present ever! We love you guys so much!

Ryan's older brother Ron and his wonderful girlfriend Emily!

Amie and I are only three weeks apart in pregnancy and we are both having boys! Imagine that...twin brothers having boys three weeks apart, it must be a twin thing! You can't see my belly all that well, what was I thinking wearing black! Amie, you look amazing! :)

Ryan's Pharmacy buddy Berry! He is such a great guy!

Ryan's other buddy Kevin!

Sydnie loves to tease her Uncle Ryan!

Look at these handsome men with their diplomas! Congrats you two!
My family.

Love this picture of Rachel and Jared...ClAsSiC!