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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hurray, finals are over and now I can finally relax a little bit.  I just finished Summer semester and it was brutal.  I am two semesters away from graduating with a B.S. in Electronic Journalism!  Ryan had it easy this Summer.  He had an online class and that was about it.  He needed a break, he has been busting his buns for along time to get through Pharmacy.  This fall he begins his second year in pharmacy school, only 3 years to go.  I am so proud of my hubby!!!   As for right now, we are enjoying the time we have together because once fall semester starts, we will be as busy as ever.
Something fun Ryan and I have been doing this Summer is an Ab contest.  We are seeing who can get a six-pack first.  So far I am in the lead with a four-pack.  Although Ryan is not far behind me.  He has lost more fat than I have, but I have gained more muscle.  It will be interesting to see what happens.  So you are probably wondering what the winner gets for getting a six-pack first.  Well if I win, we will go to Hawaii.  If Ryan wins, we'll go to Mexico.  Either way we both win.  It's just fun being in a competition and getting in shape while competing, not to mention a nice vacation to show off our hot bods!  So there you have it!