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Thursday, June 28, 2012


I am embarrassed at how long it's been since I've blogged on my family blog.  This is a true testament to how fast time goes by, and how busy I am.  With raising a now 10-month-old, keeping up on the house work, selling our home, moving, starting a business blog and spending time with my family.  Ok, I guess I shouldn't beat myself up too bad, but still, it's been too long.

Time to catch up... One day at a time until I'm completely caught up!

Here's what happened in March

Crew turned 7 months:


City Creek opened in Utah:

Watching Dad play indoor Soccer:

Crew Starts eating solids:

St. Patrick's Day:

Helping Uncle Jared and Auntie Rachel move:

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I love how Crew is becoming a snuggle bug when he gets tired.  We will treasure these moments for ever!

 Sleeping on mommy!
 Soothing himself to sleep!

 This picture makes me laugh because he hasn't sucked on his binki for weeks and for some reason he wanted to suck on his binki!
Daddy and son sleeping...priceless!  I sure do love these two! I am one lucky lady! :)


Swimming has been fun.  I think I'm more nervous about dunking Crew than he is, and he's the one getting dunked.  He does a great job at back floating.  I hold onto his shoulder blades and he let's me pull him around the pool.  He is very relaxed and observant in the pool.

We were going every Saturday morning with our friends, but Ryan is now working every Saturday so we will finish this months swimming lessons by going Mondays.  That way Ryan gets a chance to bound, swim and dunk Crew... I need a break!

I'm trying to figure out if I want to keep going to swimming lessons with Crew or do something else like Little Gym, Living Planet Aquarium.  Hmmm what to do?!


This little dude know how to poop, and recently it's been on me!  Twice this month at my parents house.  Not to mention I was practically wearing the same outfit both times!

 Gross I know!  It was poring out the back of his diaper.  All of a sudden I felt a rush of warmth followed by the smell. Then in the picture below you see my mom teasing my dad as my dad runs out of the room gagging!  It was hilarious!
 The picture above was round two of getting pooped on!  At least this time I was smart and packed extra clothes in the car just in case!  Now I never leave home with out extra clothes for myself!  The first time I didn't have extra clothes, but luckily I was at my parent's and my mom let me barrow some of hers.