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Friday, October 23, 2009

New Jobs for Ryan and Tanelle

I have now been with channel 4 for nearly three months. I am enjoying my job, but some of the account executives are immature, rude and not to mention they are in their late 30's early 40's. I remember my first week went great, then my second week was a nightmare. Once I got out and started informing new businesses about advertise on channel 4 I stepped on a few toes...meaning I walked into some businesses that other account executives already had. When I got back to the station one of the male account executives (42-years-old) started singing the jingle "Jody Wilkinson, Acura." Well I found that strange because I had just returned back to the station after visiting with that dealer. He then came up to me and started talking to me about walking into the dealership and that was his account. I remember apologizing and feeling terrible. Later that day I learned about a master list from my sales manager indicating who had certain accounts.

The next week I went into Cactus and Tropicals because they were not on the master list, and I thought they would be perfect for television advertising. So I made several attempts to speak with the owners, but they were always in and out of meetings. I remember one day I was sitting at my desk sending an email to Cactus and Tropicals when a women who has worked at channel 4 for 8+ years, also 39-years-old, comes behind me and says in a rude and demanding voice..."Um, what made you think you could go into Cactus and Tropicals and ask them to advetise? Don't you know they are already on the air through me?" She had attitude like a 16-year-old. I told her the company was not on the master list and she just rolled her eyes at me and congratulated my courage. At this point I was confused, I felt crying and I was beyond upset, but I kept my cool and tried to shrug it off. I went into my boss and talked to him about the situations that had been occurring the past few weeks. He reassured me not to worry. He said they were only acting like that because they are scared and intimidated by me, but still, there is no need to be rude. He also said he was glad that I was stepping on toes because that shows I am not intimidated by going into bi businesses, which is true. So anyway, I like my job, like my managers, I like about 2 or 3 other account executives out of 18. I don't feel like I can be myself around them because they are rude. For the most part I keep to myself, and I go out and get businesses to advertise with channel 4. Thank heavens I don't have to work side-by-side with some of these people. I would pull my hair out!

Ryan is also having similar problems at his work...Jolley's Corner Pharmacy. People there are rude, sarcastic and not willing to help him learn as much as he would like to. Ironically Ryan and I started our new jobs the same day, August 10, 2009. Maybe we just got into new jobs at the wrong time? Ryan only has to deal with it for several more months because come May, he is done with in class Pharmacy School and onto one year of rotations and then walk May 2011! I am hoping I will make enough money so he can quite sooner and not have to work with those punks.

I am so proud of my hubby for working so hard and trucking through school. Ryan has only taken a six month break from working while being in college. Who works full time and goes through a graduate school? Not many! He would probably be embarrassed about what I am about to write, but I am writing it anyway because he doesn't read the blogs closely. He looks at the pictures. Ryan is so smart and self driven. He works hard for his grades and still has time to go on dates with me. I am amazed with the self discipline he has. He has to work ten times harder than all the other pharmacy students because the other students have had pharmacy experience before being accepted into pharmacy school, but not Ryan. He worked in Infectious Disease at ARUP for nearly 6 years. What can I say, my hubby is a smarty and works hard for his amazing grades! I couldn't be more proud! Although, we both can't wait for his schooling to be over with.

To be continued...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Better at blogging!

I must apologize to myself and everyone who still believes that I am going to blog more than once a quarter. Here I am done with college and yet, I am not blogging near as often as I should. Starting now, I need to keep up on this blog for myself, my friends and family and more importantly...for my children to read. So with out further delay, let's begin the process of what I like to call "catch-up blogging!"

My last blog was about my brother's wedding that took place three months ago tomorrow, wow time flies. The Summer came and went faster than I could blink an eye. I focused a lot of my time on getting my photography business going. I am passionate about photography, and I love when people get their pictures back and have that speechless reaction. I really hope this goes somewhere for me because so I can continue to create exciting, priceless and memorable moments for many families to come. I finally have my website up and running and I will be adding my logo shortly.

The biggest thing that happened to me over the summer was looking for a new job. I had been a nanny for the Atkinson Family for nearly two years, but I realized I just graduated from college with my bachelors degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism and I needed to start thinking about moving forward. So I began the job hunt. I found a job posting on ABC 4's website. They had an entry level position open for Advertising and Sales. I had been doing some thinking about sales, especially pharmaceutical sales, so I needed to get sale experience some how. I applied...thinking I would not be called because I didn't have any sales experience. The next day I got a phone call from channel 4 asking me to come down the next day for an interview. I could not believe it. So I went to the interview, it went great! Then I went home with a pit in my stomach, knowing I would have to tell the Atkinson Family I got a new job. I was not scared to tell them, I was sad to tell them because I knew they were going to be so sad. This was not some ordinary family...they were like my second family. I have never been treated with so much love and respect, not to mention I adored their two boys and they adored me. I told myself I would not say anything to the family unless I knew I had the job, but the family already new I was putting my resume out, so I know they were expecting phone calls. Anyway, the next day channel 4 calls and left me a message saying I did not get the job. I was bumbed, but I wasn't going to let one no get me down. I called channel 4 and thanked them for taking time to interview me. I also told them to keep me in mind for the future. The next day I got a phone call from channel 4. Tthey wanted me to come in for a second interview! What!!! I could not believe it. I went in the next day for the second interview and was offered the job the next day. I was so excited, but so sad too. Now I had to tell the Atkinson Family. I started to cry just thinking about having to tell them. I got on the phone and told Amy (the mom) the news. She was so excited for me but began to cry and then I started crying. It was a sad day. Then, when I went to work the week I told them, Destry (the dad) tried to bribe me with a check in my name for $10,000, plus a 20% raise, plus they would pay for my health insurance and I would have to sign a one year contract. WOW...what was I to do. I had the entire weekend to make a decision. I felt sick. I had to choose between a family I love and adore or an opportunity to grow in the business world. Well I took the job at ABC 4 because I knew I needed to start using my college degree. It wasn't easy turning down that amazing offer the Atkinson Family offered me.

The first week of August was my last week and it was a difficult week for me. The kids were extra sweet and loving, as if they knew what was going on. The boys were 3 and 1. My last day I cried a ton, and Jack the 3-year-old came up to me, put his two little hands on my cheeks and said, "don't be sad Tanelle, it's ok." Then he gave me a big hug. I love that boy!!! I have watched Jack grow up right before my eyes. I started watching Jack when he was 15-months. I remember he could say my name perfectly from the day I met him. He is my Bud for life!!!
One thing I was able to give the Atkinson Family was scrapbooks of the boys. I had started making Jack's scrapbook from day one. Adding pictures of our daily activities and adventures. Then when Charlie was born, I started making his too. The family loved the scrapbooks and so did Jack and Charlie. I still see my boys about once a month. They are still as sweet and loving as ever! Not to mention, Jack and my niece Sydnie are boyfriend and girlfriend, and they are in the same preschool class. They are so cute together!
As for the Atkinson Family today...I forgot to mention that before I left I help them find an amazing nanny to take my place. It happens to be Jack's teacher from the two's class. So it all worked out! I had to find someone that would treat this family like gold, just like they treated me. They are all doing great! I can't wait to visit them soon.

More blogging to come tomorrow night, I promise! For those of you who are still interested in my blog. ;)