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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our First Home!!!

I am so excited...we are finally all settled in our new home. It is so nice owning a home, and not having to worry about disturbing the neighbors, or should I say...having the neighbors disturb us with their loud high heels walking across the floor, above our bedroom at 5:30am every morning, grrrr! Owning a home is amazing, not to mention all the extra room we have, WOW! We went from an apartment just under 700 square feet to 1700 square feet. Plus, we know have just under a .25 acre lot. Plus, our dog Comet loves it too! He has a ton of room to run around and play. The one thing I do miss about our apartment was the block from the U of U and the location. I wanted to stay in Sugarhouse, but the pricing doesn't make sense for the size of home we would have got. So, moving out west was the best choice for us and our wallet. We also had to take into consideration this was our first home, so we don't need anything big and fancy smancy yet...yet! That will come after student loans are paid for and Ryan and I are established in our jobs.

We did a ton of remodeling to this house. It was built in 1994, and when we bought it it had all the original flooring and paint. I knew that had to go. Ryan wanted to just have the carpets cleaned, but there was no way I was going to let that happen. I wanted a fresh start. I wanted to make it my own because after all, we will probably be here for 5 years, at least. It took us nearly 3 weeks to finish the painting and flooring, with some help from our friends and family...thank you!

There are a couple things we still need to finish such as fixing the wall in the bathroom where we took out the medicine cabinet...way to bulky, paint the bathroom and find two small light fixtures for the upstairs hallway. Not to bad considering what we have done thus far.

To view BEFORE pictures click on the link below...
and you will be able to see our house, but keep in mind the price listed at the top is not what we payed, we got a killer deal! Also, remember these are the BEFORE pictures. I am going to go take the AFTER pictures sometime this week/weekend.