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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grace turns 9

I can't believe how fast my nieces and nephew are growing up. We just celebrated Grace's 9th birthday. It seems like yesterday I was meeting her for the first time, Ryan and I were dating and she was 5 months old. There was an instant connection and bond between Grace and I. She is turning into a tween on us at the age 9. It really amazes me how time flies It's almost bitter sweet! I love to watch them grow, but why does it have to go so fast?! None the less we had a great time celebrating Grace's birthday!

Here's what Grace got for her birthday...
2 movies from Uncle Ron and Emily
A face cleaning/hygiene kit from Grandma and Grandpa
A cute shirt and a gift card from Uncle Brandon, Aunt Amie and Sydnie
A fun shirt and money from Uncle Ryan and Aunt Tanelle...I'm taking her shopping the weekend!

(A note to Brandon, Amie and Syd): We all missed having you at the party, but I was able to capture some of the fun and craziness, enjoy! :)