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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween 2009

This Halloween I was not prepared. Every year I think I am going to have the coolest costume, then I realize Halloween is the next day and I am frantically thinking and searching for costume to wear. This year Ryan was Wolverine and I was a witch Friday October 30th and a gangsta Saturday October 31st. Two different parties, two different costumes. Ryan remained Wolverine and he looked the part perfectly. Yep that's right ladies...the sexiest man alive! Ryan grew his hair and beard out for over two months. I can't believe how long and out of control it got, but he looked the part during Halloween weekend. See for yourself! I also put some adorable pictures of my nieces and nephew. So cute!

Please forgive me for some of the pictures were taken with my iphone.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

House Hunting

You will understand why I posted these pictures after you read my story. My dog is the small black dog with the blue collar. Coco is the black Great Dane with the red collar, and Buster is the fawn colored Great Dane.

I never thought I would be looking for a house right now. I was thinking maybe in 2-3 years after Ryan was done with school and we had student loans paid off, wrong! We are looking for a house now and here is why...
the last week of September my parents went down to Vegas to watch a truck race. They asked Ryan and I to watch the house and animals for the. They have two Great Danes, two cats and my 10-year-old dog Comet. He has lived with them the entire time because Ryan and I have always lived in apartments that did not allow animals. So my parents have been so helpful letting me keep him there. I have had Comet since I was 17. He is a wonderful dog and I love him to pieces. I see him at least once a week, and we go to the dog park. Ok, I am getting side Thursday, September 24th Ryan and I stayed over night with the animals. Everything went great. The next day, I headed out the door to go to work and Ryan said he would lock everything up. As I am pulling into work I get a phone call from Ryan saying there was a huge dog fight between my dog and my parents dog. Keep in mind they are both males, not neutered. My parent's male Great Dane is 15 months old and weights 150+ pounds. My dog is older, lab mix and 55-60 pounds. I asked him if Comet was ok, and he said "I think so, he just has a lot of slobber around his neck." He said they were walking down the hall and Buster (the male Great Dane) was hovering over my dog, dominating him. Comet gave a little growl to warn Buster and that's when Buster pounced my dog and tried to kill him. Ryan said Buster put all of his weight on Comet and had Comet's neck in his mouth shaking him like a rag doll. I know Comet and Buster haven't really liked each other from the beginning. On occasion they would growl and the fur on their back would stand up, but that was about all. So I was really scared after hearing Buster attacked my dog.

I couldn't go check on my dog until lunch because I had meeting all morning, and Ryan said he didn't see anything, but I had a feeling something was wrong. So I went to my parent's house around 12:30 to check on Comet. When I walked in Buster was in his cage, and I could not see Comet. Then I looked down stairs to see Comet slowly and painfully walking up the stairs. Usually he is up the stairs in seconds. I met him half way and started looking around his neck immediately. All of a sudden I felt a warm moist area. When I pulled my hand away all I could see was blood all over my hand. I then looked and saw a 2 inch by 2 inch gash in Comet's neck. I could see muscle. I then got worried because he had been like this for over 5 hours, bleeding to death and I feared he may have a bacterial infection with having an open wound for that long. I called Brickyard Animal Hospital and told them the situation. They said they could see me at 3:45. WHAT!!! My dog is bleeding to death. So I hung up and called Cotton Wood Animal Hospital. They said bring him in immediately. So I wrapped Comets neck and we were out the door.

Once we got to the Hospital they took Comet back and told me they were going to do surgery. So I left him there for four hours while I went back to work. I was so upset. I had so many thing going through my he going to survive, how do I tell my parents what happened, am I going to put him down, do we need to move and take him out of my parent's house, should I put him up for adoption???? I was so sick to my stomach. When I went to get Comet, the doctor told me they had to staple another wound on the other side of his neck/shoulder blade. I didn't catch that wound. It was a terrible day!

Well to make an already long story dog is doing great, he is still at my parent's house, but they keep Buster and Comet separated. I have been taking Comet to the dog park a lot lately. He loves it! Everyone asks how old he is, and when I say he is 10 and people don't believe me and people say he looks and acts like a 4-year-old dog. Although I haven't taken him for about one week because he caught a cold from another dog. Now his is on medication. So we are looking for a house so we can take him with us. I could not give him up or put him down because of this. Comet doesn't deserve any of those choices. He deserves to be with Ryan and I for the remaining time he is alive.