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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Newsbreak/TVJ December 12, 2008

This was my favorite class this semester!
I got to run the audio board 3 times because
everyone thought I did the best job on
audio. I got to direct, floor direct, operate cameras,
operate playback, operate graphic, I was a technical director and
I think that wraps it up. I met some amazing people and gained
some great friendships from this class. I am so excited for TVJ next semester. I will be anchoring and reporting instead of doing all the technical/behind the scene stuff. And yes, I plan on anchoring with
my feet up on the desk, so much cooler!!! Heheheh!!

U of U vs BYU Game November 22, 2008

I was lucky enough to film the U of U vs BYU game for my Newsbreak class. It was so cool because I got to stand on the sideline with all the players, and I got to walk around where ever I wanted on the sideline. It was truly unbelievable! I did not get very many still photos because I was filiming the game, but I got some awesome video of the game. During one play I almost got taken out by the UTES and BYU players, it was crazy. I also met this guy, I forget his name, but he is the one with the big Indian headdress. I was so cool, he let me stand right in front of him for most of the game. He wanted to make sure I got the best plays. If anyone got infront of me he would tell them to move. I loved this guy! He is not part of the team, but he and a few other people are doing a documentary on the Utes. So he had a sideline pass for the entire season, lucky! Needless to say the game was incredible. I don't want to go to another game unless I am on the sideline. JK!  BCS here we come!!!

Last Day at Fox November 21, 2008

This was a very sad day for me. The people at Fox are so much fun to be around, and they always put a smile on my face! I worked at Fox for 2 1/2 years, and decided to move on to get more on camera experience. I miss everyone so much!!! This was probably one of the saddest days ever! I did not cry, but I shed a few tears after I left. I hope to go back as a reporter someday!!! I absolutely love my Fox Family!!!

Photo Shoot November 16, 2008

This was an awesome day. Bobbie, Chelsea and
I went to a couple locations to get some pictures
of Bobbie and I for our portfolios that we were
designing for our web class. So we decided to
have some fun while trying to get some decent
shots! What can I say, girls just want to have

Fun with a lens

My friend Erik took these fun pictures of me with a lens. It was fun having these pictures taken! Our group was waiting for a teacher so what else is there to do but have some fun with a camera right?!

Halloween Fun October 31, 2008

These pictures were taken at Fox 13 Halloween. I love Halloween because it gives everyone an excuse to dress up and be a little abnormal.

Bobbie Taylee and I were the only ones in our Newsbreak/TVJ class that dressed up on Halloween! It was a fun morning!