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Monday, June 13, 2011

Ryan and I vs the Robins!

I never thought I would be writing about this, but I was almost attacked by a Robin. It all began Friday after work. The weather was perfect for planting my flowers in my front yard around our Maple tree. I got all my planting equipment together and went to plant. Not more than five minutes into planting I a felt a rush of wind above my head. I looked around thinking to myself...what the heck was that. Maybe it was just a burst of wind? Then all of a sudden I heard a Robin making a ton of noise and it sounded really close. I look up and there is a male Robin on my roof. I knew there was a Robin's nest in the tree because a few weeks back I did all the weeding around the tree and had no problem, and the mom didn't seem to mind me.

Well as I looked up and saw this Robin freaking out at me I just sat and watched it thinking no way that Robin was the "wind" I felt above my head. Not more than 30 seconds later he dive bombed me coming a few inches from my head. Oh my gosh I was under attack. It was funny, scary and just unbelievable. Is a Robin really trying to attack me?? Oh yes!! Once again the mom could care less, but the dad was so mad.

I didn't think Ryan would believe me if I told him I was being attacked by a Robin so I decided to grabbed my phone and took video of the Robin trying to attack me.
(In the process of uploading the video).

Well after the close call I decided to work on the planting in the backyard, but all weekend long I couldn't help but think I need to get my flowers planted in the front or they were going to die. I then came up with an idea that would protect my head for the 15 minutes it would take me to plant my flowers. I grabbed my big Utes umbrella and went out to plant my flowers. Don't think the umbrella stopped the dive bombing because it didn't. The Robin never hit the umbrella or my head, but came within inches. He would let me know he was mad by constantly chirping and cackling at me. Once in a while he would get quite which worried me more because I couldn't tell where he was. I felt offal. I can't blame the Robin for wanting to protect his babies, but I had to plant my flowers. So thankfully I was able to finish my planting Sunday morning. Needless to say every time I walk out my front door I see "the" Robin and he is fine with me as long as I don't go near the tree.

Ryan also had to mow the lawn and he was a little apprehensive about mowing the front around the tree. He was thinking about using his motorcycle helmet, but I told him the umbrella worked fine for me. So he decided to use the umbrella. It was so funny I must say, and he didn't get attacked once. What the heck?! I claim it was the noise of the lawn mower. :) Ryan claims it
s because the Robins like him more.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Voicing commercials

Here are the commercials I have voiced. I love doing voice overs more than I like being in the commercials, which is weird because my degree is in Broadcast Journalism. I just don't think I'm that great at acting! Give me a mic and a camera and I will go out and get a good story. Acting may not be in my future. So voice overs have become my new favorite thing.!!

One really cool thing about my job, besides meeting new people and successful business owners every day, is helping clients and co-works with their commercials or voice their commercial. My good friend Bryan (one of the amazing producers at channel 4) put together a DVD of the work I have done. Here are the commercials I am in. Don't laugh too hard! Some of these are hilarious, but I had a blast!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

29 weeks!!!

Well I am definitely feeling better than I did two weeks ago. I think my body and mind have finally accepted the fact that I'm pregnant. I went through a crazy spell a few weeks ago where I felt like I was going to go crazy. I'm sure it was my hormones and the chemical imbalance my body is going through but wow, it was not fun. I'm not sure if anyone else has experience this but, I had several anxiety attacks during the day and night where I felt like I couldn't breathe. I didn't want to eat or drink anything in fear I would make my self feel too full. It was not fun at all. My doctor said many women experience these symptoms but hold it in. Those women who hold it in have bad postpartum. So I am glad I was not afraid to talk with family and my doctor about me feelings. I am feeling great now and every day that goes by I get more excited to meet my little man.

Here are my recent prego pictures...29 weeks and counting. Crew is getting more active as the days go by. He is such a kicker and wiggle worm. He use to be so calm and on a schedule, but not any more. It's amazing how much love Ryan and I have for him already. We love you Crew, and we can't wait to have you in our arms! :)

Good Times!

Ryan and Sydnie having fun doing a little karate. Oh if only this pictures had sound. They were so much fun to watch. This is what Sydnie does to her dad all the time. So she decided to pull some moves on her uncle Ryan.