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Saturday, February 11, 2012


I love how Crew is becoming a snuggle bug when he gets tired.  We will treasure these moments for ever!

 Sleeping on mommy!
 Soothing himself to sleep!

 This picture makes me laugh because he hasn't sucked on his binki for weeks and for some reason he wanted to suck on his binki!
Daddy and son sleeping...priceless!  I sure do love these two! I am one lucky lady! :)


Swimming has been fun.  I think I'm more nervous about dunking Crew than he is, and he's the one getting dunked.  He does a great job at back floating.  I hold onto his shoulder blades and he let's me pull him around the pool.  He is very relaxed and observant in the pool.

We were going every Saturday morning with our friends, but Ryan is now working every Saturday so we will finish this months swimming lessons by going Mondays.  That way Ryan gets a chance to bound, swim and dunk Crew... I need a break!

I'm trying to figure out if I want to keep going to swimming lessons with Crew or do something else like Little Gym, Living Planet Aquarium.  Hmmm what to do?!


This little dude know how to poop, and recently it's been on me!  Twice this month at my parents house.  Not to mention I was practically wearing the same outfit both times!

 Gross I know!  It was poring out the back of his diaper.  All of a sudden I felt a rush of warmth followed by the smell. Then in the picture below you see my mom teasing my dad as my dad runs out of the room gagging!  It was hilarious!
 The picture above was round two of getting pooped on!  At least this time I was smart and packed extra clothes in the car just in case!  Now I never leave home with out extra clothes for myself!  The first time I didn't have extra clothes, but luckily I was at my parent's and my mom let me barrow some of hers.


More hat fun!  I'm so lucky Crew is a good sport!  What can I say, he looks cute in hats!

Loads of fun up at Park City, and plenty of warm hats to try on!


Crew is growing up before our eyes!  I've noticed when we are out and about I get a lot of people mentioning how small he is, keep in mind they are comparing him to their 3-year-old.  To me he is not so little anymore considering he was 6 pounds 2 ounces when he was born and now he's probably pushing 17 pounds! 

Just this week Crew has matured into two new phases... stranger danger, and mama's boy!  We were at Ryan's company party and several people wanted to hold him.  Within seconds he looked back at Ryan and I then at the person holding him and got big alligator tears along with his pouty lip, which was promptly followed by a cry.  Oh I was hoping he would by pass this stage.  It makes me sad to see him so nervous.  I hope this doesn't last too long.  As for the mama's boy phase, my mom started noticing he tries to get my attention by doing this little cough.  Sure enough, he does it at home too.  He's totally trying to get my attention.  Might I add, he sure loves his daddy too!  They have so much fun together.  Ryan has been doing the elephant noise and action for months with Crew and just recently he has picked it up.  Now he makes the elephant noise and will sometimes do the arm motion with it.  It is so cute!

Crew also hit a big milestone this month...he is sitting up by himself.  We don't dare let him sit unattended, but he can sit for quite sometime before toppling over.  We are so proud of our sweet Crew boy! 

I also love how people notice what an amazing baby Crew is when we are out in public.  He rarely puts up a fuss, he's very easy going and loves to smile and laugh.  I ask myself all the did we get so luck?!  Oh, and he sleeps through the night!  He's been doing so since he was 3-months-old!  I hope our next baby is just as sweet and good!

 Once in awhile he likes to help mom out and hold the bottle!

 Our little stud!  Haha I've got to get the sunglasses pictures while I can!
 Sitting up like a big boy!  I love his hands!  Everyone tells us how big his hands are.  They are big, and I love the dimples!

 His two favorite people dad and mom!


I can't believe we are nearly half way through February, and Crew will be 6-months-old on the 17th! Wowza! The winter this year has been wonderful.  Warmer temps, snow in the mountains and not a lot of smog.  I could get use to this!  Here's what we've  been up to these days...

 I love peeking at Crew through his crib. He is such a cutie pie!

 Something new.  I use to play in the laundry basket as a child so I decided I would introduce Crew to the laundry basket since he is doing great at sitting up!  He loved it!

 Haha I love how he is trying to look at me through the slits.  Oh and look at those feet! :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Crew goes swimming

We decided to sign Crew up for swimming lessons now so he gets use to the water and will hopefully not be scared when it comes time to really learn how to swim.  Every Saturday morning we meet our good friends Matt, Haley and their adorable little girl Abby for a little play time in the water.

I was a little hesitant at first because I was worried about submersing Crew under water at such a young age... 5 months, but I did some research and found that most babies remember the womb and being surrounded by water.  That being said, they have a natural instinct to hold their breath.  Well Crew did better than I thought.  Not much coughing, but the first dunk he did look a bit shocked and was gasping a little bit.  I think I was more freaked out than he was.  The next dunk he did better and ended up spitting water out.  None the less, the class is fun and we sing songs, practice floating, grabbing onto the wall and of course the notorious dunk!  

Like I mentioned before, I did some research and watched tons of YouTube videos before enrolling him and some of kids know how to swim by their first birthday. It was unbelievable watching these children fall into the water and know how to swim to the surface, flip over onto their back and call for help by the age of 1.  

Now here's the kicker... I was especially excited to sign Crew up for swimming because I thought it would be great bonding time for Ryan and Crew, but now Ryan has to work nearly every Saturday.  Of course this would happen! Not sure what to do... stay in the Saturday class with our friends, move to another day so Ryan can go or just drop the class all together. UGH!!  Why can't things just run smoothly??!