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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jared and Rachel's Wedding Day

~ 7/22/2009~
I cannot believe my little brother is a married man. It seems like yesterday we were fighting about toys, driving our mom and dad crazy and having fun being kids. Seriously... where does the time go? My brother Jared could not have found a better, prettier down to earth woman, nice job bro! Rachel is the sweetest woman and I love her to pieces. She is the sister I never had. I am so happy for Jared and Rachel to start their life together. I know they will make each other happy and have many laughs together. I will have more pictures sometime this weekend.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


The 4th of July has been my favorite holiday since I was a child. There is just something about the 4th of July that I love. It is a day to remember what America stands for and to be remember those who have passed on and those who are still fighting for our freedom. It's also a time to spend with friends and family. Ryan and I go out to breakfast every 4th of July and then we meet up with friends at Sugar House Park and play games and eat KFC. This year Sugar House Park put on a spectacular firework show, but then again, they always do. I really hope they don't cancel fireworks next year. I heard Sugar House Park may not have fireworks next year due to funding. The people who launch the fireworks will be $12,000 dollars short next year. I really hope they can find funding for next year. It wouldn't be the same without fireworks at Sugar House Park. I don't know what we would do or where we would go.

Rock Mountain Raceway

My family has loves going to Rocky Mountain Raceway. My parents use to take my brother and I when we were little kids. It is amazing to watch these cars go down the quarter mile track in 7-10 seconds, reaching speeds anywhere between 150-300 miles per hour. The cars are so fast and so loud and so cool. Some of the cars have jet engines connected to them to make them reach speeds of 300 miles per hour in 7 seconds. There are also motorcycles, a fire truck that smells like cinnamon when it drives by and a jet fueled semi truck. It is awesome!

So this time my parents, my brother Jared and his fiance Rachel, Ryan and I went. They were amazing and as loud as ever. When Ryan and I have kids I am definitely taking them to RMR. It is also fun to do a little people watching. There is an interesting crowd of people there! I love people watching! Here are some pictures I took at RMR.

Soccer season is here!

Ryan is playing on two soccer leagues and I am playing on one. We love playing soccer. It's fun and it is a great workout. I have not been able to play a lot of my games due to my photography business, but I have made it to about 4 of the 7 games so far this season. Right now we are having a break because of the HOT July weather. Here are a few pictures of Ryan playing soccer.