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Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Photography Blog

Hey everyone...that's if anyone cares to read my blog. I have a new photography blog. Click HERE

4th of July

I can't say enough how much I love the 4th of July! It's an amazing day and I love being an American! We are so lucky to live her in this beautiful country and state.

Every year Ryan and I go to breakfast, usually at the Original House of Pancakes...yum-yum, but this time I wanted to go with Ryan's family to the Murray parade, followed by breakfast at Village Inn. Ryan's sister in-laws were sweet and paid for everyone's breakfast, so generous! We've never been and it was so fun and amazing to watch! Ryan isn't much of a parade guy, but he seemed to enjoy this parade. I think he'll enjoy it more when we have kids.

In the afternoon we meet up with Brandon, Amie, Sydnie, Jared, Rachel, Travis, Kim and who ever else wants to tag along, thanks for joining us Mary! We go to Sugar House Park for KFC, activities and fireworks! I've been going to Sugar House Park since I was a baby, and I'm so glad the community came together and saved the Sugar House fireworks...few! I don't know what I'd do with out them.

My b-day part 2

My amazing friend Mary who I've know for 18 years, wow really?! Yep, 18 years gave me an amazing birthday surprise...she took me to Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw! It was the best concert. We were more excited to see Lady A than Tim McGraw. Lady A was amazing, and I want to see them again this fall when they come back to SLC. Thank you so much Mary for the AmAzInG surprise, you are such a dear friend to me and I cherish our friendship, our talks and our sisterly bound. I love ya girl! I can't wait to go skydiving with you next year!

July 29th...My B-Day

This year I had an amazing birthday! My hubby got me an amazing bird bath for the backyard (pictures soon). So much has happened this past year...
~New Job
~New Beautiful House/I have my dog Comet with me again!
~New Business Record at Channel $
~Preparing to start trying for a baby
~Ryan finishing up Pharmacy School
~Jared and Rachel celebrated their one year anniversary!
~Found out Brandon got accepted to UNC Chapel Hill for Physical Therapy School...bitter sweet!
I have so many things to be thankful for, including my parents who fell in love and gave me the gift of life! I love the dearly and they've been such an amazing example to me. I am who I am today because of them! Thanks Mom and Dad...I love you so much!
Here is a picture of the cute cake Ryan got me! It was soooooooooo good!

Playing in the sprinklers

I sure do love running through the sprinklers with my nieces! I feel like a kid all over again! We have so much fun together. I can't believe how big they're getting. Grace is 8, Megan is 5 and Sydnie is 3 (almost 4). They are growing so fast and I love watching them change every year! I can't wait to have my little nephew Will running through the sprinklers with us. Maybe next year!

Summer Fun and a Sleep over at aunt Tanelle's House

Let me just tell you how much I love my nieces and nephew! They are so much fun! In the summer I lover playing in the water with them. I feel like I'm a kid again...I never want to loose that feeling! :)

I also had ALL three nieces over for a sleepover before Sydnie moves to North Carolina in a few short days. :( The sleep over was so much fun. We played, then we did fireworks, then we slept in my backyard in a tent. These girls are so good, and amazing sleepers! I can't wait for the next sleepover! I was telling Ryan how I loved the house being noisy. I can't wait to have kiddos of my own!

They loved wearing my slippers, and yes, I have three pair because I love these slippers so much! I call them my animals because they are furry like an animal! :)

Sydnie teasing uncle Ryan

Sydnie LOVES teasing her uncle Ryan. Thanks to my iphone I was able to catch the fun!

I love my Family

I'm really not sure how I got so lucky with this shot. I set the camera on timer hoping all the kids and adults would look with out any blinkers and I did it!

I sure do love my family and I feel very blessed to have amazing people surrounding me. This is probably the last family picture for awhile since Brandon, Amie and Sydnie are moving to North Carolina August 13th. We are going to miss them so much! It won't be the same without them, but we couldn't be more excited for Brandon getting into UNC Chapel Hill to become a Physical Therapist, and Amie's family lives in NC. They are excited to have her closer to home. I just hope we can get them back to Utah after Brandon's done in three years. Ryan and Brandon have talked about starting their own Pharmacy and Physical Therapy business, so they better come back! LoL :)