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Monday, January 23, 2012

Rice Cereal

January 22, 2012 Ryan and I decided it was time for Crew to try Rice Cereal.  I've been working with Crew on eating with a spoon by using water.  We've done this for 3 weeks and he caught on quick.  So rather than waiting to the 6 month mark, we decided to have him start the cereal at 5 months.  At his 4 month check up his pediatrician said we could start rice cereal when ever we wanted.  I felt 4 months was too young and 6 months was too far away so 5 months seemed perfect, and what do you know, he likes it!  I can't wait to give him veggies and fruit in another month!





Every month I post pictures of some fun hats I put on Crew.  Here they are...


      Crew's dog towel hoody...
 Crew's new owl hat...
and his sailor hat that his daddy wore when he was a baby!

Thumb sucking...

The past month Crew has found his thumb and is now using it as a way to sooth himself.  He use to take the binky, but not any more.  At first was concerned, wondering how I was going to break him from the habit in the near future.  Thinking about the terrible stories I've heard about thumb suckers... "you can't take their thumb away, it will ruin his teeth, he'll get sores on his thumb" etc.

That's when I came to my sences and realized he's only a baby, and I'm not going to try and reinforce the binky, I tried for a couple days and he wasn't having it, it makes him happy and makes him feel secure.  He is also attached to his Minky blanket and when he's old enough I will let him sleep with that.  Maybe he will transition from his thumb to his blanket for comfort and security.  For now I'm going to let Crew be a happy thumb sucking baby!  I'll deal with breaking the habit later!!!  Oh and did I mention it's a life saver when it comes to sleeping through the night!  Crew has always been pretty good at sleeping at night from about 2 months until now, but now that he has his thumb, he sleeps about 10-11 hours every night!  Nope, I'm not complaining!

I also added some pictures of his cousin who is 18 day older than Crew, who also sucks his thumb... so cute!  I wonder if Crew taught him how to do this when they came to visit last month?! 


                       Baby Charlie sucking his thumb!

Quess who's 5 months!!!

Our baby boy is 5-months-old!  Everyone tells me that time goes by fast, and to cherish every minute.  Looking back to when Crew was born I remember the first few weeks wishing time would go faster due to sleep deprivation.  Now I have mixed feelings.  I'm excited for what's to come in the near future... trying new foods, sitting up, crawling, talking, walking, etc.  Then again, I am sad... my baby boy is getting bigger every day.  It's almost difficult to remember holding a little 6 pound 2 ounce baby in our arms.  Now we hold a 16 pound baby who loves to laugh, babble, suck his thumb, roll over, eat rice cereal, cuddle and almost sitting up on his own.  Crew is the sweetest baby!  He is so well behaved and easy going, unless he is overly tired, but aren't we all cranky when we're tired?  I know I am!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!  This year I decided not to set a New Year resolutions in stone, but I would like to keep up on blogging, take one picture everyday and be a great mom, wife, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, cousin, friend and neighbor.  :)  I am excited for a new year and all the adventures that will come our way!  Here's to 2012!!!

December part 2


 He sure looks cute in hats!
 We are having warm weather here in Utah... so we went on a little walk.  We were so happy to get out of the house!! :)

 It was so fun having Brandon, Amie, Sydnie and Charlie in town.  We sure do miss them!  I hope they move close after Brandon is done with PT school.
 Crew and Charlie hanging out together.  They are only 18 days apart and their daddy's are twins... cool ha!!
 Crew hanging with his Uncle Brandon!
Crew hanging out with Charlie and Aunti Amie!
 Grace, Sydnie, Will and Megan playing Headbands.  Love these kiddos!
 Syd after eating her yummy cupcake!

Crew chillin with his Uncle Ron... so cute!

 Daddy trying to feed Crew a noodle.  Silly daddy!!

 Is it possible we have a thumb sucker on my hands...
 Crew is starting to tolerate tummy time a lot more these days.  He's getting better at rolling over and lifting his head.  Great job bud!
 Dad having fun with Crew... peek-a-boo!
 Yep, we've got a thumb sucker.  Poor little man had an terrible day, four month shots.  No fun!

 Sleeping on dad's chair with his burp cloth and the blanket Auntie Amie made.  Comfy cozy!
 Crew sure does love his daddy!
New Years Eve... I decided to practice feeding Crew with water.  At first he didn't know what to think and started spitting it out.  After a few more tries he got the hang of it and now likes it!  We plan on starting him on rice cereal at six months.  For now, I will continue to get him use to the spoon and water. :)