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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our 7 Year Anniversary...May 9th!

Wow...Really...7 Years?! I can't believe I've been married to my Best Friend for 7 Years! We have grown so close the past 7 years, and I can only imagine what it will be like when we start having kiddos and what it will be like growing old together. It ONLY gets better every year! I love you so much Ryan. I am grateful to have you as my husband and to laugh, cry, tell secrets to and come to you when I need anything! You are the love of my life and will ALWAYS be the love of my life.

Last year we went to Hawaii, but this year we stayed home and got some much needed relaxation and some work done around the house. Next year we will celebrate with a BANG because Ryan is graduating and will be a Doctor of Pharmacy. Yep, I married a Doctor! LoL

"Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." - Mark Twain

Thank you for making me feel irresistibly desired! Thanks for being my soul mate, my shoulder to cry on and for being there for me threw thick and thin. I don't know what I would do without you. I am so proud of your accomplishments, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us! Here's to 7 Years My Love! XOXOXO :) Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS, MY FAVORITE!

The Race For The Cure

Last Saturday, May 8th I had the privilege to run in The Race For The Cure. ABC 4 got a team together and I can't tell you how much fun it was. I didn't run the entire thing, and yes, I know it's only a 5k, but I haven't ran or seen the gym in at least 8 months, YIKES! Although, I was able to run half of it and it felt amazing. I am a FAN of The Race For The Cure and I will run every year! It was amazing to see the turn out and all the people supporting those who will someday have breast cancer, have breast cancer or who have passed on due to breast cancer. What an amazing feeling I had just being there and showing support, and getting a nice early morning run in. I think I actually like running!
I also caught up with my my brother Jared and his wife Rachel and her family. They run it every year too because Rachel's mom is a breast cancer survivor. So amazing and inspirational! I look forward to racing next year. Who know, maybe I will be able to run the entire thing next year! :)
Note to self...Jared did the 5k in 21 minutes, I need to come close to that time or beat it next year. Then again, he's ran one marathon, one half marathon and who know how many 5ks. Hmmmm???

Brandon's Graduation

No, this is not Ryan, it's Ryan's twin brother Brandon who just graduated with his Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sports Medicine! We are so proud of him!
This summer he will be taking his family to North Carolina for his Graduate Program in Physical Therapy. We are so excited and proud of Brandon and for his family, but we are going to miss them so much!!! Ryan and I might need to start getting frequent flier miles so we can go visit them a lot! It's going to be so hard with out them around. We love you guys so much and we will miss you terribly!

Local Movie Stars!

I love my job because once in a while I get be in some of my clients commercials. For example...about a week ago I got Nichols Photo Lab interested in advertising on TV, but he wanted me to be the photographer in his commercial. Well of course I agreed and was thrilled because I am a photographer and I thought it would be a fun commercial. I knew I wanted to take have a child in the commercial because that is what I specialize in when it comes to photography. I was a little worried about who I would have with me in the commercial considering all my nieces were in school and my nephew was too young. So I brought it up during Sunday dinner and wala...I found my kiddo. My brother-in-law Brandon had Monday off and he could pick up Sydnie, my niece, from school a little earlier to be in the commercial. Sydnie aka "my little bug" would be perfect for the job. I called Sydnie my little bug from the day she was born because she has always been so small and petite from the day she was born. Thanks to Nichols Photo Lab for letting us be the Stars in their commercial. It was a BLAST!!! By the way, go to Nichols Photo Lab for prints, especially if you are going to hang them on the wall. You may pay a little more than Walmart and Costco, but you will see the difference! Plus you can upload you images online and have them the next day! Seriously a photo is art, and people pay a lot of money for art on the wall. Pictures are no different! I will have the commercial on my blog next week when I go back to work! You can also watch for it during Good Things Utah Monday-Friday 10-11 and the 5:00-5:30p news on Channel 4. The commercial runs every other week. So it's will run tomorrow and then be off for a week, then start back again the week after next.

Let's Go Fly A Kite...

A couple weeks ago my Mom, Dad, Ryan and I took advantage of the windy afternoon and flew our stunt kites. It's funny because I was thinking about buying my dad a new stunt kite for Father's Day because that is what we did with our Dad as kids. So I happened to go visit my parent's on a windy day and my Dad says, "Let's go fly kites." Then I asked him about his old kite, and how it wasn't in the best shape. That's when I spilled the beans and told him my Mom, Jared, Ryan and I were going to go in on one for Father's Day. Well to make a long story short, we went and bought him a new one that afternoon. Stunt kites are so much fun! I Ryan and I have two, now three and we love them! If you ever want one go to Cloud 9 down in Draper, the are awesome!
Stunt kites give you an amazing full body workout especially your arms and core. Who knew working out could be so fun! These are some random pictures of our kite flying afternoon. Some of these picture crack me up because at one point we all fell down because of the wind gusts. In one of the pictures my Mom is pointing out the grass stain she got from falling. I love the picture I took of my Dad with the kite hovering over Ryan and my Mom. My Dad was seeing how close he could get to my Mom and Ryan with the kite. It was funny for us, but my Mom and Ryan didn't think it was very funny. They had their faces down to the ground. I LOVE WINDY DAYS!!!