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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Busy Weekend

This weekend has been filled with fun and work...from watching my brother and his in-laws run the Salt Lake City Half Marathon, a band photo shoot, 2 hours of weeding, registered at Target and Babies "R" Us and of course cleaning/laundry.

1/2 Marathon:
My brother Jared ran the Salt Lake Marathon and set a personal record of 13.2 in 1 hour 41 minutes! Not to mention, this is 4 months after having his heart ablation surgery. Jared you seriously amaze me. I may be able to beat you on the court here and there, but you've leave me in your cloud of dust when it comes to running! :) Rachel's sister, brother, brother-in-law and dad did amazing too! You are all inspiring and who knows, maybe I will be brave enough to run a 1/2 marathon someday.

Photo Shoot:
I had the opportunity to take pictures of band playing at a local coffee shop this weekend. It was so much fun, and I've known one of the band members since High School...John Craigle. He taught photography Highland High School. It wasn't until college that I got to know John. I have learned so much from him, and it was a blast taking pictures of the band. I also got to use his new Canon 5D Mark II. That camera is amazing! Not to mention it shoots HD video. John and I help each other out on numerous occasions such as weddings, big family pictures, etc. He's going to do my maternity pictures in June/July and I can hardly wait!


Weeds, weeds and more weeds:

Ryan and I woke up at 7 this morning to get some weeding done. It was so nice getting up early and enjoying the beautiful weather and listening to the birds. I love the feeling of getting so much accomplished. It was great looking at the clock at 10am and thinking I still have the entire day to do what ever I want. What a great feeling!

This might sound strange, but I like to weed. I bring out some music and just let my mind escape. If Ryan's out helping me it makes that much better because we talk and he gets a few worms thrown at him! Hahaha :) Don't feel bad for Ryan because he returns the favor, and then tells me the Robins are dropping them on me. Oh how I love to weed.

Baby Registry:

Ryan and I went and got our baby registry done this weekend! It was so much fun! It really puts it in to perspective that all these fun things are going to be for our baby boy. I'm so use to going and picking stuff out for other people, but this time it's for us. This is a fun time in our lives, and we can hardly wait to meet our little Crew!

Oh and I can't forget to mention Ryan finally had sugar after going 90+ days without it. He has been wanting cheesecake for months now, and he felt it's been a good run without candy/sugar for over 90 days so I said, let's go to the Cheese Cake Factory and get cheesecake. Ryan got the Reeses Chocolate and I got the White Chocolate Coconut...MMMMM! Now we are both cutting back to one treat per week, and no candy in the house. Although I do have these Mexican candy suckers that are to die for. They are sweet, sour and spicy all in one. Those don't count as "candy" right? :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

20 Week Ultrasound Appointment

Peek-a-boo! Cute little face looking at us.
Look at those cute little feet. I can't wait to tickle and kiss those little toes!

I can't believe I am half way through my pregnancy! It seems like just the other day Ryan and I were talking about starting a family. I went to the store and bought an ovulation kit, and then the next month I was pregnant.

Today was my 20 week ultrasound appointment. I was a little nervous for this appointment, but not nearly as nervous as my first appointment when we went to hear the heart beat. I was anxious to know if Crew was healthy, growing and no medical concerns. Well he passed his first test with flying colors! We have a handsome and healthy baby boy cookin in the oven. It was so fun to see him again through ultrasound, but I must say, it wasn't nearly as relaxing as going to Fetal Foto. I was a little disappointed with the pictures we got of Crew, but I guess this really wasn't a photo shoot, but making sure everything was ok.

One thing Ryan and I found out while I was getting the ultrasound is...I have a 2 inch cyst on my right ovary. They aren't too concerned about it, and spent 5 minutes examining the cyst. It wasn't the most pleasant news, but I was reassured when they took some pictures and really looked closely at the cyst. There wasn't a lot of blood flow going to the cyst, and there weren't any abnormal markings within the cyst. Ryan made me feel better telling me it's nothing to stress over. I wasn't too nervous when they told me about the cyst, just a little concerned. I have my doctors appointment this Friday, and will possibly know a little more about the cyst. None the less, I am feeling great and Crew is healthy. Life is good! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pregnancy...lovin every minute of it!

I am currently 20 weeks along in my pregnancy and I must say this has been a pleasant and amazing experience for me. For those of you women who read my blog, and have had terrible pregnancies, I am so sorry. You may not want to read this next part.

Pregnancy thus far has been so much fun and the best experience ever! I have not witnessed the "morning sickness" at all. I have had a few gagging spells, minimal dizziness around 5 -6 weeks and peeing every two hours in the middle of the night, along with having to pee every 10 minutes, but that is the worst of things. The peeing thing during the day is not much different for me since I have the bladder the size of a peanut. lol I feel so blessed to feel the way I have. I truly believe it is a blessing in disguise considering I am the only one working/bringing in the income to support Ryan and myself. Ryan works 40+ hours per week for free and pays the school for it...go figure! I don't know what I would have done if I was one who was constantly throwing up and miserable. Ryan always teases me an says "you're going to want like 10 kids after this pregnancy." Well I don't know about that, probably just two. :)

Butter cream lotion has been amazing. I put it on nearly every morning and night to help prevent stretchmarks. So far so good. Thank you Heather for that advice.

Speaking of advice, I have found through being pregnant everyone has advice whether it be good or bad. It seems like most people have negative things to say to me about being pregnant and starting a family. I know some things are true, but why do people make it sound so bad. Here are a few that stood out to me...

1. Enjoy your sleep while it last!
2. Prepare for you life to change overnight!
3. Don't plan on getting back into your old clothes!
4. Your going to name him what?
5. I look more pregnant than you!
The list could go on and on, but I will stop there. My goodness people!

I am excited to see what the next four months of pregnancy has in store for me. I am happy I am finally showing because I was beginning to worry. At the 15 week mark I couldn't button my jeans up, so I started wearing the belly bands. I don't know if I was a big fan of those, but I held out and used them for a few weeks.

At the 18 week mark I finally jumped into maternity pants, and WOW...what an amazing difference in comfort. I should have done this at 15 weeks. I also have been finding cute maternity dresses that doesn't look like maternity, and I'll be able to wear them after pregnancy.

Jazz vs Wizards

This past Monday, I won tickets from my work to the Jazz game. They were great seats, row 15 from the floor. I haven't been that close in years! So we invited my brother and his wife to join us. Thanks for joining us Jared and Rachel!

The Jazz game was good, up until OT were they choked and lost 95 to 100. It's been a frustrating season for the Jazz, and I've never been to a game were they have lost, well until now.

The highlight of the game was watching my wonderful friend Bridgett dance with past Jazz Dancers, watching the Jazz Bear pick on people...taking shoes off random people and throwing them into the crowd, helping some guy propose to his girlfriend and picking on this random guy, aka "Tubby" who came out onto the court during every break. It was pure bliss! I even tried to get the Jazz Bear to come pick on Ryan, but no luck. Next time!

Throughout the entire game, I could feel Crew kicking and rolling around like crazy due to the noise and me laughing so hard. I love feeling him move around inside me. It is the coolest feeling ever!

Tubby...this guy made us laugh so hard. He came out during every break and stood by one of the guards.
Tubby being harassed by the Jazz Bear.The Jazz Bear gave Tubby a mini trampoline to exercise on...epic!

Bridget rocking it out with past Jazz Dancers! Great job Bridgett, you looked amazing!

A guy we were laughing at. He put his straw wrapper in his hears. Turns out this is Ryan's mom's cousin. Small world right?!