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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crew's Room

I know most "soon to be moms" don't start on the nursery until they are 6 or 7 months along, but if you know me, I like things done and ready ahead of time. It could also be because Ryan and I are so excited to be starting a family! :)

I must give a BIG THANKS to my amazing friends Lori and Lisa for doing 95% of the room decor from scratch! I am so jealous of their amazing talents and would refer them to anyone who needs help decorating a room. We went shopping for the bedroom decor last Saturday, March 19th and they came over on Friday, March 25th and put it together. Not to mention she they were done by Wednesday. Here's and interesting fact...all the wall decorations, 2 quilts, the bumper, sheet, changing table pad and curtains cost me as much as a bed set at Babies R Us.

Ryan and I bought the crib from Babies R Us and we got the Pottery Barn Dresser and Harley Davidson Rocking Horse off for a steal. I love the classifieds...what a way to save money!

Here are some BEFORE and AFTER pictures of Crew's room. The first three pictures are the before pictures I captured with my iphone, the finished pictures are captured with my nice camera. So the room really isn't as lime green as it appears in the first three pictures.

The decor above his bed will hold a colleague of pictures! It was an old door Lori found, and she spray painted it and added scrapbook paper we found at Robert's Arts and Crafts. I can't wait to take pictures of Crew!
We found some big letters at Hobby Lobby and correlated the scrapbook paper from the "door frame" to the letters.
Those little circles on the wall are kitchen table place mats just spray painted. We found those at Ikea.

The adorable numbers picture and frame came from Ikea too. We also got the curtains from Ikea, and Lori and Lisa sewed fabric from the bumper on the bottom of the curtains. You can also see the poke-dot changing pad and the other quilt on the dresser. I loved this idea! I got the piggy bank at Target. I couldn't pass it's the same color as his room.
We got the dark gray material from Ikea, and we Lori and Lisa made two quilts with it. The sheet and the bumper material came from a cute store in Draper...Material Girl.

Ryan and I go in his room a few times a day. It's so fun to think we are going to have a little boy join our family come August! :)

Festival of Colors 2011

The second year at Festival of Colors

This year was fun having Ryan at the Festival of Colors with us. He couldn't go last year due to school. Although I wish we had the weather and the atmosphere we had last year, but it was still fun. We also brought my best friend Mary. This was her first time as well, and she had just ran a half marathon that morning. She was such a trooper. We had to walk about 3/4 of a mile, but Mary powered through it.

One thing I will say is this...we are going to the first throwing session next year because we went to the later session and it was CrAzY!!! I had one guy shove a handful of paint in my face, three people smacked my butt to make hand prints. It was wild to say the least. Honestly people, stay out of my bubble! None the less it was fun, and we all made the most of the cold and crazy people. We didn't end up staying for the big throw because it got too cold. So we enjoyed throwing it on each other and creating some fun memories.

Another fun side note to add to this already crazy story...I still have pink in my hair after 7 washes, soaking my hair in water and having Ryan try to scrub it out. This did not happen last year. What was it about this year?! I have three days of presentations at my work next week, and I have to meet new clients for the first time with pink in my hair. This should be interesting...wish me luck! :)

Standing in line to get paint. This is what people did to Ryan before we got our paint.

Nice pink smug mark on my face from the creep who shoved his hand in my face! GGGRRRRR!!!

I am 19 weeks pregnant and rockin the Festival of Colors!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 2011

17 weeks pregnant, and now there is an apparent baby bump! Ryan and I went to A Pea in a Pod to get me some maternity clothes. They were rather expensive so I got a couple things. But they sure are cute and comfortable. Beats wearing my regular jeans!

I decided to take before and after pictures of the nursery. These are obviously the before, and the after is soon to come. My amazing friend Lori and her twin sister Lisa are helping me design the nursery. I went shopping last Saturday with Lori and we had a blast. She is going to make the bedding and wall decor. I could not believe the amazing ideas she had. She found things I would have never put on the wall or in a bedroom for that matter. She saved me hundreds of dollars, and I am so grateful for her! She just sent me an email tonight saying she is done with everything. Yes, three days and she is done with my nursery decor and bedding. She is amazing!!! If you ever need someone to help you design a room, let me know and I will give you her info. Thank you Lori and Lisa so much! I owe you! :)

February 2011

12 weeks pregnant! Finally starting to get a little bump. I am in the awkward stage where my jeans are not closing. Thank heavens for belly bands...for now.
I have loved being pregnant. No sickness, just a few gagging spells here and there, but other than that nothing! So far so good!

15 week ultra sound at Fetal Foto. We went early because we could wait to find out the sex of our baby! :) Best experience! We got prints, a CD with all the pictures and a DVD with music for $69. So worth it!

Here is our growing baby boy...Crew Castle Lindquist!!! This is the name Ryan and I love and have decide on.

This one is one of my favorites. I love you can see his little foot and toes, and his arm crossing over his leg. Adorable! :)

Cafe Rio chicken burrito enchilada style! YUM!!!
Not to mention Ryan surprised me with flowers. Oh how I love my hubby, he is so sweet to me!!!
BEAUTIFUL!!! I love getting surprises! :)

January 2011

After the third pregnancy test, I finally started to believe I was pregnant. So this is when I was eight weeks pregnant. I had to take one bare belly shot!
Ryan putting contacts in for the first time. I should have taken video it was so funny. It took him awhile to get the hang of it. He hates touching his eyes. He's got it down now!
I got to meet Stevo from the show Jack A$$. He came down to Good Things Utah to visit. He was pretty fun!
Beautiful January sunset as I head home from work!
Mary at her second Jazz game ever. I treated her to the Channel 4 suite! We had a blast!

December 2010

December was a fun, crazy and eventful month for Ryan and I.
Took two pregnancy test, well actually three, two in December and one in January. I could not believe I was pregnant! What an amazing feeling to see two lines! I seriously didn't believe it because I didn't feel sick. The only thing that was different was when Ryan and I were in North Carolina visiting Brandon, Amie and Syd. I noticed I was dizzier than normal.
Had to post this because Ryan has an idea he was thinking about inventing some day. Then we go to Panda Express and this is what he got. We thought it was cool!

The scariest drive Ryan and I have ever been through. After our crazy adventure trying to get back home from North Carolina, we drove home from Vegas. It was a rain drive that turned into snow in a blink of an eye! Not to mention we were in a little Toyota Carola. Not fun!

Ryan, Bug and I at a Tarheels "meet the players" event. We had a lot of fun, and Bug had fun cheering for the mascot Ramsy.
Ryan and Bug playing. Ryan would hold her hands and the only way she could get free was by rubbing noses with uncle Ryan. So cute! :)
Bug got a free ball for going to watch the Tarheel players practice!
BBBRRRRR!!! It was freezing outside! North Carolina is a different cold in comparison to Utah. We were outside for about 10minutes and you can see how red our noses are. It was soooo cold!
All of us bundling up for a picture and trying to stay warm, while waiting for the Tarheels practice to start.
Uncle Ryan and his little Bug! Look at those blue eyes!
Uncle Ryan and Syg posing for a picture...say cheese! :)

My turn with my Bug. It sure felt good in the sun!

My adorable Grandma and Grandpa Buddy! Their last name is really McEwan, but I have called them Grandma and Grandpa Buddy since I could talk. They share the same birthday January 4th. My Grandma is 85 and my Grandpa is 89. I sure do love them, and they sure do love each other!
Ryan holding our cousin's small!
Gotta love the hat my grandpa is wearing. I love his personality, easy going and fun loving!
Jared and Rachel performing a Christmas song for the entire family with G & G Buddy.
PRICELESS!!! Love you Grandpa! :)
Flat tire on the freeway after a fun night of seeing the Temple lights and hot cocoa down town. Really?!? Not fun, but thank heavens for 1-877-back-u-up! They came and changed it for free!
Lights down at Temple Square. So beautiful!!! Really puts you in the Christmas spirit!

Ryan and I got to sport our cool hats I got from a local company...snow fire hats. I thought they were pretty cool!
Jared and Rachel's new baby...Max! He is so cute! Just look at those eyes. He is a Maine coon and he is going to get BIG!
Love how he is looking up at Rachel and meowing. What a cute kittty!
My client Scales and Tails let me hold some of their animals. This one was one of my favorites, and I'm not a snake person, but this little guy didn't scare me.
Tarantula that I did not dear to hold! Yikes they freak me out!!! This is the closest I got to "holding" it.
Beautiful red snake again!
It's officiall...Ryan needs glasses. He was getting his eye's checked and sure enough he has a astigmatism. Haha, I love that the doctor nor Ryan had a clue I was taking this picture.
I got to meet Elmo and Cookie Monster on the set of GTU (Good Things Utah). They were a lot of fun, and the kids in the studio audience were in heaven.

First Jazz game of the season in the channel 4 suite! It was sweet! :)